SHURflo has played an instrumental role in the successful implementation of Bag-In-Box (BIB) post-mix systems around the world, beginning with our participation in the introduction of BIB systems to the beverage industry in the early Eighties. SHURflo’s innovative and reliable BIB syrup pumps are at the heart of a post-mix system installation, pumping thousands upon thousands of gallons of syrup to the dispenser throughout the life of the system.

In addition to BIB pump systems, SHURflo produces a line of Water Boost Systems that solve water pressure problems in post-mix systems. By providing water at the proper pressure to the dispenser, SHURflo Water Boost Systems allow bottlers in any location to consistently deliver the high quality drinks that today’s demanding customers expect.

SHURflo engineers design our products to provide superior performance and functionality that benefit both the bottler and the end user. Our sales and service staff provide customer training around the globe to ensure that customers gain the maximum benefits our products have to offer.

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