SHURflo Powered Condiment Dispense systems utilize 3-gallon closed sanitary bag-in-box technology. The condiment dispense systems are reliable, efficient, and economical. SHURflo’s dispense systems are manufactured to withstand the immense traffic experienced by Quick Serve Restaurants, Schools, Universities and Recreational Facilities, Military and other Business Cafeterias. A variety of options are available from portion control to free flow and from single dispense taps to multiple head mobile cart systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical
    Condiment supplied in bag-in-box format.
    Purchasing your condiments in bulk yields
    substantial savings.
  • Sanitary
    A closed, sealed and sanitary system reduces
    hazardous contact points. No condiment pots
    left open to airborne bacteria.
  • Reduced Labor
    3 gallons bags can supply a high volume
    serving area for an entire day or more without
    the need for re-stocking.
  • Modular
    Systems are totally modular and able to cater
    for any type of business and most special
  • Compact
    Units reduce space by allowing the condiments
    to be conveniently stored within workstations.
  • Effective
    Customers and staff will prefer using the facility
    and it will benefit the overall appearance of the
  • Ease of Use
    Customer friendly, ergonomic and stylish. All
    systems are supplied with clean-in-place adaptors.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Bulk condiment dispensing systems reduce product
    waste and cut down on non-recyclable packaging materials.
  • Less Waste
    Systems eliminate the problem with sachets where
    customers where customers frequently take more
    portions than required with the resultant excess being
    thrown away.
  • Quicker
    Speed of dispense is greatly improved. Multi portions can be programmed and systems tailor made to individual needs.